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Domestic construction hardware industry development prospects for the better

Jun. 10, 2015

In recent years, the rapid development of our country building hardware, automotive electronics, digital science and technology industry, mold industry booming production and marketing has become the mainstream and the development of mold industry has become the metal stamping industry engine. Recently, international model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui said China mold and die industry due to the continued development of machinery, automobile and electronic information industry mold needs a large, China mold production maintain rapid growth of more than 25% of the; from an international perspective, on the one hand is the terminal mode in our country has a strong competitiveness and international manufacturers into the proportion of our country has been increasing year by year. On the other hand industrial mold consumption in developed countries to our country transfer will slow down, mold industry prior to the low to high, continuous high-speed operation.

Booming production and demand of the market environment and good prospects, which makes many entrepreneurs and investors actively investing in China's mold industry, including foreign and private capital is still the mainstream, investment enthusiasm generally high, due to the industrial clusters facilitate collaboration, reduce costs, expand the market, to exchange and can enjoy more preferential policy characteristics, so optimistic about the market. Now there are more than 50 of the country has a considerable size of the mold City, mold Park, gathering industrial base, etc., are being established, planning or planning, there are more than 10. In addition to the cluster base, there are some parts of the mold entity alliance and virtual manufacturing.

With the development of market economy, brand effect has become more important, "operation brand" has become a very important tool for the mold enterprise. It is reported that the country has 10 or so, the city's famous mold trademarks and brands, ordinary enterprises have been declared national famous trademarks. With the deepening of quality obligations and the focus on environmental protection, a large number of mold enterprises through the ISO9000 international quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental management certification. At the same time, the industry has added a large number of high-tech enterprises, including national and provincial and municipal, there are many enterprises set up the mold technology center or research and development center. Guangdong will become the world's mold industry center. At present, in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region gathered more than 10000 mold enterprises, employing more than 200000 people.

To benefit from the revitalization of the national industry and the revitalization of the environment and strong market demand pull, the domestic machine tool industry has developed technology, investment enthusiasm high.

Numerical control machine tool's level, variety and production capacity reflects the country's technology, economic comprehensive national strength. CNC machine tool as the defense industry's strategic equipment, is the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, is an important guarantee for the modernization of defense industry. However, the revitalization of the CNC machine tool industry has a certain difficulty in the machine tool industry. According to Luo Baihui, the development of numerical control machine tools required for the digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing, is the key to achieve independent innovation. Therefore, in terms of the whole industry, the revitalization of CNC machine tool industry is not only a strategic opportunity, but also a serious challenge. The research and development of numerical control machine tool will appear the following trends:

1. The composite processing technology is used more and more widely new composite processing machine such as milling and milling combined machine tools, car grinding compound machine tool, gear processing combined machine tools, milling composite and 5 axis linkage combined machine tools and other products continue to emerge; heavy-duty machine tools to increase multifunctional attachment and table, composite processing trend evident; metal cutting and special processing compound new progress, laser, electric processing and machining composite technology have mature product promotion and application. The application of composite processing technology will have an important influence on the process of multi species and small batch production.

2. Direct drive technology application speed accelerate due to advances in power electronics and control technology, and linear motor, torque motor, electric spindle, grating detection components of mature, direct drive technology to accelerate the speed of the application of CNC machine tools, machine tool of foreign enterprises of new products has been used linear motor drive. The application of direct drive technology will greatly improve the structure and performance of the numerical control machine tools.

3. micro manufacturing technology emerge micro manufacturing (Inter-Micro) refers to a kind of efficient, green, high precision micro fabrication technology, used for machining 3D shape of a variety of micro parts. At present, under the assistance of the European Union, by Germany, Italy and other relevant national universities, research institutes and enterprises research group has been related outcomes, such as ultra precision five axis linkage micro diamond and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology and equipment. Micro manufacturing technology has great potential, should cause the attention of the industry.

Domestic construction hardware industry development prospects for the better

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